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The Cortez Optical Shoppe & Eye Care Center

Dr. Craig L. Nelson, Optometrist & The Cortez Optical Shoppe work together to provide a quality and comprehensive eye care experience unmatched in the Four Corner Region.


Dr. Craig L. Nelson has worked as an optometrist in the eye care industry for over 30 years. He offers quality checkups on state of the art equipment and affordable pricing. His clinic is partnered with The Cortez Optical Shoppe, running for over 30 years, and guarantees friendly and experienced professionals to help you with your eyeglass and contact needs.

Contact Dr. Craig L. Nelson, Optometrist & The Cortez Optical Shoppe for an appointment and we’ll schedule you within a week of contact. Most insurance companies are accepted. You can schedule an appointment today by calling us at (970) 565-1580 or by using our online services in the Contact Us section of our website.

Eye Care Services We Offer

Dr. Craig L. Nelson, Optometrist & The Cortez Optical Shoppe Provide:

Medical Care- The treatment of eye infections, allergies, and foreign body removal. Glaucoma and cataract evaluation and management.

Contact Lenses- Our clinic is unique in that we offer one year of contact care included in the contact lens exam. We are experienced in the newest silicone hydrogel hyper-oxygenated materials- multifocal, toric and extended wear.

Optical Dispensary- The Cortez Optical Shoppe adjacent to Craig Nelson, Optometrist, Optic Care Center, offers glasses, sunglasses, eyeglass repair and adjustment. As well, there is a prescription finishing lab with one-hour service available on many prescriptions.

If you have an questions regarding our services, get in touch with us by stopping into our location, calling (970) 565-1580, or emailing us at

The Optical Shoppe Cortez, Colorado

The Cortez Optical Shoppe Cortez, Colorado

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